Aradian Aviation History

Aradian Aviation Ltd was formed in 1995 by Steve Rogers, as an aircraft sales and management company located in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

The company was based on Steve’s extensive aviation experience dating back to the 60's which included - flying for British Airways; flight instructor; freelance captain for many major corporations and charter operations in Southern England; Citation type rating examiner; through to 5 years as a sales/demonstration pilot working for the UK Raytheon agent, operating all the Beech aircraft at that time and setting up flight operations in various parts of the world. This finally brought him into the world of aviation sales itself.

Whilst much of his work is out of the Guernsey office now, he also covers the general inspection of aircraft for clients and is still known to once in a while jump into an aircraft and ferry it halfway around the world with the new owner in tow.

Dion Robotham joined the company in 1998 as a partner. Dion having run his own aircraft brokerage company in the UK and the two of them finding themselves often working together on the same project. Dion brought with him many years of experience within aircraft sales, including a term with a small aircraft manufacturer.

2007 saw the further addition of Antony Rivolta to the partnership, again with many years of experience in aircraft sales, including time spent with Bombardier and British Aerospace. He broadened the company's outlook with his range of knowledge, including the operation of charter, aircraft management and fractional ownership schemes.

Since these three came together, the company has grown to include representatives in numerous parts of the world, including Spain, Germany, Russia, South Africa, the Middle East, India and the USA. Many of these representatives bring their own unique skills to the group, with respect to helicopters, engineering, and their knowledge of the region in which they are located.

The team is backed up by the accounts and research staff, who do an excellent job keeping us all in line.

The business is primarily the sale and purchase of Private and Corporate aircraft and helicopters for clients from around the world. Principally pre-owned aircraft, but the sale of delivery positions of new aircraft has taken an increasing percentage of our time since 2005. We locate specific aircraft to meet a client’s requirement, or advise on their requirement, or the sale of their existing aircraft. We will then oversee the purchase, or sale of the aircraft, along with its delivery and handover to the new operator.

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